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We combine science and technology to create unique solutions that help companies turn ideas into action.


We pay attention to the smallest detail with your desired outcome always in mind. From welding to machining, our manufacturing experts are committed to excellence so our equipment lasts a lifetime.

Testing & Trials

Our research and development teams help bring your idea to life. From creating new processes to refining equipment to fit your needs, we'll test our ideas and explore ways of maximizing the most promising ideas.

Installation, Commissioning, & Operator Training

We offer a complete solution, including installation services, line commissioning, and hands-on operator and maintenance training to ensure the safety, productivity, and longevity of your new machinery.

Ongoing Support

When you buy a piece of equipment from us, we're in it for the long haul. Wherever your plant is located, we offer expert field support for everything from troubleshooting to engineering and application assistance. Spare parts and repair teams across the world provide additional support to keep your production line running.


Overcoming challenges and advancing operations is at the heart of what we do. We bring decades of knowledge, understanding, and experience across industries and borders to our client's solutions that can't be matched.

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We listen carefully and do our best to exceed expectations in everything we do. We stand by our clients and are the first company they call when they need help.

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Our passion for excellence and exceeding expectations drives our creativity, engineering, and perseverance. We deliver quality, scale, and results to our clients and add success to each project to help them offer the best products possible.

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Special Machines

Legumes and Pills Packging machine


500 - 1000 Gram 25 - 70 Pieces

Rice, sugar and Pills packaging machine


25 - 1000 Gram 35 - 70 Pieces

sack filling machine


0 - 0 KG 0 - 0 Pieces

Dates, dried fruits and vegetables packing machine

SM 20

10 - 1000 KG 20 - 120 Pieces per minute

Chocolate dipping line


0 - 0 KG 0 - 0 Pieces

Frozen French Fries Production Line


500 - 2500 Gram 1 - 2 Ton per hour

Dates sterilization room


0 - 0 KG 3 - 0 Pieces

Dates paste processing line


0 - 0 KG 1.5 - 2 Ton per hour

Dates cleaning and polishing line


0 - 0 KG 1500 - 2000 KG per hour

Dates molasses production line

SM 232

0 - 0 KG 0 - 2 Ton per day

Natural Chips Production Line


10 - 100 Gram 100 - 250 KG per hour

Tomato Sauce Production line


100 - 20000 Gram 8 - 30 Ton per day

Vegetable washing and freezing line

0 - 0 KG 0 - 3500 KG per hour

Packaging machine in plastic boxes


350 - 1000 Gram 10 - 12 Pieces per minute

Machines by materials

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