Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading)


The Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading) from SmartMak™ works almost on any type of fruits (especially citrus fruits), and ensures obtaining clean waxed sorted fruits.

Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading):

The Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading) is considered a very effective food processing equipment from SmartMak™ one of the most important Food processing equipment manufacturers.

The Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading) from SmartMak™ is characterized by its high quality, it is manufactured according to the best international specifications and has the European quality certificate CE.

This line is considered a very suitable solution for cleaning and polishing various fruits, as it can work on all types of citrus fruits, fruits that have a solid structure such as oranges, and the line guarantees obtaining clean, polished, sorted fruits according to sizes and wrapped in different shapes according to demand.

Fruits Waxing Advantages

The waxing process helps to give fruits a luster that increases their attraction, and this process helps reducing water loss from the fruits, which leads to slow down any changes in the shape, color, or taste of the fruits, and this leads to an increase in their preservation period.

Flowchart - Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading)

Flowchart - Fruits Processing Line (Washing-Waxing-Grading)


The line starts its work from receiving the fruit boxes through a conveyor belt that takes them to the production line, where a manual sorting process is performed for the fruits to get rid of any fruits that have defects, then the fruits are transferred to the cleaning and drying unit to be subjected there to a washing process using soap and water and then with water only, then the washed fruits pass through the sponge drying section, which dries them, then the fruits pass through the drying tunnel to ensure they are dried and ready for the waxing proccess, then they pass through the waxing unit, which sprays the wax consisting of natural waxy oils on the fruits and distributes it over the entire surface of the fruit, them they pass through a heating tunnel to ensure that the wax is distributed homogeneously on the surface of the fruits, after that the waxed fruits pass on another run for manual sorting to exclude any invalid fruits.

Then the fruits pass through the grading unit, which sorts the fruits according to their size into 12 different sizes according to the diameter of the fruit, then the fruits pass through the packaging process, which workers spread on both sides and fill the fruits in the carton boxes or wooden or plastic crates, which are supplied to them continuously through an automatic moving system (cable car), after which the filled boxes are transferred through the conveyor of the final product to become ready for export or storage.

Technical Information:

  • Machine structure: Electrostatic coated iron
  • Electrical Specifications: 3 Phase | 380 V | 50-60 Hz
  • Mechanical Parts: The line is made of electrostatic coated iron, except for the washing and waxing machines made of Food Grade Stainless Steel (L304)
  • Bearing: SKF
  • Engines and Gearboxes: Turkish industry with German distinction
  • Pneumatic Control Systems: Festo


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