Natural Potato Chips Processing and Packing Line


The Natural Potato Chips Processing and Packing Line from SmartMak™ is one of the distinctive projects, and the line is distinguished by its high quality and manufacture according to international specifications, it has the European CE certificate, and it works completely automatically without labor intervention in the main production processes.

  • Code: SM-400 | SM-410 | SM-415
  • Productive capacity: 100 - 500 Kg per hour
  • Filling Range:: 10 - 200 Gram
  • Machine System: Automatic
  • Filling System: Gravimetric
  • Category: Potato Processing Lines
  • Materials:

Natural Potato Chips Processing and Packing Line:

The Natural Potato Chips Processing and Packing Line is considered one of the most important Potato chips machines, from SmartMak™ one of the most important Food processing equipment manufacturers.

The Natural Potato Chips Processing and Packing Line from SmartMak™ is characterized by its high quality and high production capacity, in addition to the completely automatic production within this line without any manual intervention, and the production is carried out in accordance with international specifications, the line is CE certified.

Flow Chart - Natural Potato Chips Processing and Filling Line

Flow Chart - Natural Chips Production and Filling Line


The work starts from the stage of receiving the potatoes, passing through the stage of cleaning and purifying them from dust and peeling them within the peeling machine and isolating them from the peels, then they are sliced into slices of adjustable thicknesses as desired, in addition to the possibility of cutting in a flat or zigzag shape.

Then the slices are transfered to the starch removal unit (Blancher), which ensures the removal of the largest possible amount of starch before frying. This process is important for several reasons:

  • Contribute to getting crispy chips
  • Reduces the contamination of frying oil with starch in potatoes
  • The process of removing starch is desirable from a health point of view

Then the slices pass through the water drying conveyor process in preparation for the frying stage, which takes place within a high-efficiency frying unit that filters the used oil and constantly compensates for its deficiency, until it is packaged in bags of the final product.

Technical Information:

  • Machine structure: Made of Food grade Stainless Steel (L 304)
  • Electrical Specifications: 3 Phase | 380 V | 50-60 Hz
  • Bearing: FAG
  • Engines and Gearboxes: Turkish industry with German distinction
  • Main Controller: Omron
  • Touch Screen and Control: Omron touch screen control – It controls all operations of the machine, and includes four different languages


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