Gravimetric Solid Materials Packing Machine (in Bags)


The Gravimetric Solid Materials Packing Machine (in Bags) from from SmartMak™, is suitable for packing dates, nuts, crackers, rice, legumes and all similar materials into bags, with a production capacity of 85 pieces per minute.

Gravimetric Solid Materials Packing Machine (in Bags):

The Gravimetric Solid Materials Packing Machine (in Bags) from from SmartMak™ is a quick and practical solution for filling all types of materials with a suitable solid and good flowability, such as rice, nuts, crackers, dates and chips.

Featuring a high compatibility between mechanical and electrical processes, this machine operates at a high productivity of 85 bags per minute and is designed to operate continuously throughout the day without stopping, while ensuring accurate weight measurments.

The machine has a special system to stop the work automatically when the packing material runs out or when any error occurs during the filling process or when the doors of the machine are opened to ensure the safety of workers.

A platform may be provided to facilitate the process of feeding the machine with materials, and if desired, a lifting belt can be added so that the feeding process is done automatically. Additionally, the machine can be linked with any solid materials production line.

Technical Information:

  • Machine structure: Made of Food grade Stainless Steel (L 304)
  • Electrical Specifications: 3 Phase | 380 V | 50-60 Hz


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